Rules for Radicals

My poem “Rules for Radicals” appears in Issue 14: “Husk, Echo, Quell” of 3ElementsReview, among some truly amazing works of poetry, fiction, visual art, and photography. Read “Rules for Radicals” Peruse Issue 14: “Husk, Echo, Quell”

Kafirun / The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Deism

My poems “Kafirun” and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Deism” appear in the Summer 2016 issue of local North Carolina arts and culture magazine Forty Eighty-Five. Because this early issue of the magazine doesn’t have an online version, this post will soon be updated with the poems themselves included.

Lunch with Emily, Several Years Ago

My poem “Lunch with Emily, Several Years Ago” appears in Issue 3.2 of Driftwood Press, along with an interview about the poem. This issue also features poetry by Elizabeth Austin and a great poetry/art project by Elizabeth Kerlikowske and Mary Hatch, among many other wonderful things. You can read or even download a PDF of […]